How to color your user name of Clash Royale

Hello again friends, I would give color to your user name of Clash Royale? is it fun? So today I bring you a super trick to change the color of your user name so that it is highlighted in the sand!

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Use a color name Clash Royale

Once inside the game, opens the options menu and choose the option change name. Keep in mind that only you can change only once, so choose well. If you create a new account, you can write your name in color when you have finished the initial tutorial of the game. Clash Royale Hack Cheats

To change the name and put it in color using the format: < cX >(Nombre de Usuario)/< c > -X is the code of the color you want to use (there are a total of 8 colors).


  • < c2 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c3 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c4 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c5 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c6 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c7 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c8 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c9 > pepito/< c > = pepito

Note: when < c2 > scribes, on the screen of solor will see 2 >. Don’t worry, it is only a visual problem. He continues to write all the code and you’ll see how to change the color of your user name!

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Perfect tips for unlimited asphalt 8 credits

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It is not new that many people search daily for the perfect tips for unlimited asphalt 8 credits so that they can play and not get stuck due to low amount of credits on their account. That is the reason a tool is made to stop this stress, most especially to help people that don’t have the money to buy these credits. The main purpose is not just to help them, but for them to use in the mid time while they save up some money to buy little, this way they won’t be regarded as ripping the developers. It is for sure a good way of making the developers happy. They won’t have to bother blocking this particular hack. csr racing 2 hack

For you to have unlimited stuffs in this game, you need to open this latest asphalt 8 hack site, which is the latest design that is made to ease your gaming activity. It is the best hack for the game as of now which won’t be difficult to use. You have to follow the step by step instruction made available on the site in order to have all credits you desire in the game.

This does not only add one item, but you can also get stuffs like tokens and stars in your asphalt 8 game. You will be shown a tab for selecting the amount for these items. You can pick any number you choose. It is advisable to start with the number you need at hand. Don’t go adding more than you can use for that period.

As it is, the hack works properly on any android device without requesting for root access. You may need to download and install a file on your device after using the hack, this will replace your original asphalt 8 game with an unlimited one, which you will use to buy cars and zoom off to your race.

It works for other platforms as well. Just follow the way it is made to be used here and on the site to get started.

Use Instagram from your PC

After reading our first articles, sure you start getting hooked on this great application, but you’re still throwing at fault can use it from your Windows desktop. These insurance heights’ve already looked at the official website of Instagram application such as mobile, but in this case to install it on your PC and the truth is that, incredibly, Instagram does not have official desktop application for PC. We are sorry to give you this news, but quiet because although there is still no official version of Instagram for PC, luckily we found a very interesting alternative and we want to tell you.

So how do I use Instagram on my PC?

To start, pay attention to what we said before; “Today there is no official version of Instagram for PC”, so stop looking at your website. But we are fortunate to have found a company that believes in the potential of how to hack Instagram for PCs and has backed it with great force.

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The company of which we speak is called Sweet Labs and is responsible for the development of Instagrille application. This application is perfect for those who want to control their Instagramers Instagram account and all your photos from a PC.

Instagrille is a free desktop application that gives you all the options available to mobile Instagram, but to use them from your desktop PC. With Instagrille you have access to all the best known options Instagram; profile view, comments, button “Like”, but also be able to search, share and download photos from Instagram on your PC.

Its use is very similar to the mobile application, except that so far can not upload photos from your PC, this option is only available for the mobile version.

Another aspect that we must first consider is that we need to create an account on Instagram from the mobile application (from the application to iOS or Android), then use our credentials and password in Instagrille, otherwise we can not use the PC application .

Where can I download Instagrille?

Instagrille Pokki is available in a download platform for PC applications. You can download the application to install list by clicking here.

Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the steps. In a few minutes you can enjoy Instagram on your PC.

NOTE: If you are looking for is to be able to upload photos to Instagram from a PC or Mac, then the only way to do this is by using Bluestacks. If you want to know more, this article; “Publish photos on Instagram from a computer”, we explain in detail how to install and use Instagram through Bluestacks.

The Hit TV Series Download for Teens Nowadays Mean Fun and Relaxation


The Hit TV Series Download for Teens Nowadays deals mostly with teen wants and desires. These hit TV series contains storyline that tend to deal with teen issues and problems. They hold issues ranging from family, school, friends, dating to peer and age related issues and topics. The Hit TV Series Download for Teens Nowadays carries a touch of humor and a pinch of drama which greatly attracts attention to teenagers. These hit series are mostly about kids and teenagers.

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Gossip Girl’ is one of the Hit Watch TV Shows Online Free for Teens Nowadays. It is a teen drama based on the book series which holds the same name, which earned more than three million teenage viewers. This is a series of teen books about privileged Manhattan high school goers by Cecily Von Ziegler who demonstrates the high school teen wants, desires and other behavioral patterns of teenagers. The characters in ’Gossip Girl’ series live a glamorous life and also it deals with abortion, addiction, murder, mental instability and a self-loathing of teenagers. This series exhibits the real life of the teen socialites and teen wants which is why ’Gossip Girl’ has made an impression among teenagers. ’Gossip Girl’ really has bogged down the action on the screen. According to the study, the majority of teens like to watch new TV series and shows. The majority of teenagers get information about new TV series from TV advertisements and promos. A survey asked teenagers to select their first choice from the series they are interested in watching. ’Gossip Girl’ took the first place followed by ABC’s ’Pushing Daisies.’

The Hit TV Series Download for Teens Nowadays is watched by seventy percent of teens. They say that they would watch hit TV series on its scheduled day and time. 21 percent of teens record the series and watch it using DVR, VCR or DVD recorder. According to the findings, teenagers liked adult animation like a staple of Fox’s Sunday Night lineup, ranked as the favorite type of series among teenagers. Surprisingly, when they were asked about the non-returning TV series that they would like bring back, CBS’s ’King of Queens’ ranked the highest. These hit TV series of teens mostly satisfies the teen wants and wishes. 7th Heaven is another hit TV series for teens nowadays. It brings out the highs and lows of the large Camden family. It is designed specially for the whole family. This hit TV series deals mainly with the teenager’s bouts of rebellion and sibling rivalry. It insists on dealings with the timely social issues and difficult situations of kids and teens as they grow up. It is a series that a family with teenagers can enjoy watching just like Everwood and Gilmore Girls.

The Hit TV Series Download for Teens Nowadays appeal teens of different interests. Most of these series are very well known and are watched regularly. Many teenagers love to watch hit TV series download because the writers provide a script and they could relate it to their lives. By this means, the teen wants and desires are met. They have real life conditions and problems to deal-with in each show.