How to color your user name of Clash Royale

Hello again friends, I would give color to your user name of Clash Royale? is it fun? So today I bring you a super trick to change the color of your user name so that it is highlighted in the sand!

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Use a color name Clash Royale

Once inside the game, opens the options menu and choose the option change name. Keep in mind that only you can change only once, so choose well. If you create a new account, you can write your name in color when you have finished the initial tutorial of the game. Clash Royale Hack Cheats

To change the name and put it in color using the format: < cX >(Nombre de Usuario)/< c > -X is the code of the color you want to use (there are a total of 8 colors).


  • < c2 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c3 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c4 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c5 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c6 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c7 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c8 > pepito/< c > = pepito
  • < c9 > pepito/< c > = pepito

Note: when < c2 > scribes, on the screen of solor will see 2 >. Don’t worry, it is only a visual problem. He continues to write all the code and you’ll see how to change the color of your user name!

Thank you for following US friends! I hope that the trick liked. If so, share it with your friends!